The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


Turkey was fantastic, Turkey was, like, mystical and such a special place. Just unique, something that’s really hard to describe, such beauty, those mountains, and the stone is kind of, eroded? Special erosion which makes what you see just something that seems, it’s been made for a movie, it’s like something out of fantasy, except it’s real.

ضي بوارشي تقسيم
Isteklal St. - Taksim


The beauty of simplicity

Pyramids of Giza


Lebanon is one of the most beautiful mountainous areas on Earth. It has greatness and prestige that capture the attention of the tourist.

صخرة الروشة ضي بوارشي
Raouche Rocks - Beirut
ضي بوارشي صيدا لبنان
Sayda - Lebanon
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